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I am a multi-media artist and primarily work in performance art and photography. My art revolves around a web of connecting strings that pull in various ways on the certain dichotomies that surround us. The moments of intimacy vs. complacency, chaos vs. patterns, personal identity vs. societal creation, beliefs vs. doubts, design vs. function and most importantly reality vs. reverie.

My performances transform how I exchange energy externally to those that allow for change. I aim to increase the purity, positivity, or power of my visitors. Often I will embrace the innate energy left in objects cast away from view to enchant a variety of successories that I’ve created. The successories I have available now are the Purification Amulets and Underpitals that can be rented or purchased for a personal performance to increase your purity or power. These are the tools used to help release negativity from one’s life as well as build confidence. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to request as personal performance. I am grateful to have been able to perform in and around the DC area through organizations such as Aether Art Projects, Animals & Fire, Black Whiskey, Busboys & Poets, DC Art Studios, DC Art Center, DC9, Hole in the Sky, Olly Olly, and Transformer Gallery.

My visual art combines childhood influences of the stars in space and science fiction to imagine the various species in space. This with an undying curiosity of the unknown and add a career of photographing various species often leads to images that are otherworldly. The visual aspects are various reconfigurations of patterns that exist in reality. In the final composition, there is a sense of disorientation as the viewer realizes things are not as they seem. They are left taking vacations in the mind or “mind-cations” to the other realms of reality that I like to call, “Planet Advivon” where anything imaginable is possible. This sense of detachment from our standard frames of reference is an enticing experience. There are instances where the image is startling and then mystifying to the point of infinite intrigue. This created moment is where time and space are bent and molded to finish the aesthetic puzzle.

I currently work with the Smithsonian Natural History Museum photographing their type specimens in the mammals department. This work is all uploaded onto their website so that researchers from around the world can just go online to decipher what each specimen looks like. If you want to search for a mammal yourself then click the link to access the homepage. 

Smithsonian NMNH Mammals

I also work for the non-profit, Hispanic Heritage Foundation photographing several of their different events that they host each year. You can find examples of these events in my event photography galleries. The foundation works to enhance the lives of all hispanics and especially the youth who are given scholarships and other opportunities to succeed. If you want to find out more information about the foundation then please click the link to their homepage. 

Hispanic Heritage Foundation

I have been featured in a ten page article in the digital art publication, ARTiculAction where they interviewed me on my practice and artwork. This is the first time my artwork has been published in this capacity. To open a new window of the article then please click the link.

ARTiculAction ARTicle

Self Portrait at the Automotive Club in Southern California.

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